When it comes to outstanding history, Brooks Brothers takes the mantle. The oldest men’s clothier in the United States was founded at the fashion center of the country – Manhattan, New York City. Don’t worry ladies, they soon realized their omission and started making women’s clothes to rival their peers. Brooks Brothers are known for fashioning immaculate dress shirts that go well with suits, dinner jackets or a nice pair of chinos. The fabric, the feel, the design, all beautifully crafted and perfected over the course of their rich history.

Now you have the benefit of perfecting the look with your own personalized embroidered shirts. Don’t worry, we know what we’re doing. We wouldn’t dare to ruin the fine stitching of your non-iron oxford shirts. That’s right, if you can’t be bothered to iron your shirts but you still want to look great, Brooks Brothers have got you covered. With your custom embroidery, your brand will be well represented and fashionable wherever you go. You have our permission to look distinguished.


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