With a simple style that fits any working need, Port Authority has elevated itself to crown jewel status in the fashion world. In its two decades of existence, Port Authority has been the designer of choice time and again for many leading companies, charities, sports teams and families. With a wide range of attire made for the working class, you’ll be sure to find the style that suits your particular interest. To top it all off, personalized embroidered shirts will make your selection complete.

Custom embroidery on matching shirts, jackets and hats will not only help boost your company’s brand, but also help build a sense of belonging in the workplace. Port Authority creates simple outfits that won’t break the bank, but will stand the test of time. Let your custom shirts stand out with bold colors that won’t fade or let down your marketing efforts. With clothing options for your everyday work operations, to more formal clothing for meetings and networking events, Port Authority has got you covered. There are great selections for men and women, for the discerning shopper who wants to maximize quality and minimize costs.