Astronauts. Professional athletes. Movie producers. Business moguls. What do they all have in common? We’ve always known that New Era hats were out of this world, but very few know that their headwear has literally been out of this world. From their work on Apollo missions to adorning the heads of baseball legends for more than a few decades, New Era has been the embodiment of quality, design and dependability. Now, you can have it with personalized embroidery for a custom look that speaks of your brand’s own outer-worldly standards, values and accomplishments.

It’s always game time at New Era, but don’t ever think fun is taken out of work. Now fully embraced the world over as a sporting and fashion accessory, this easily recognizable brand can go a step further by becoming fully yours. Just like a Super Bowl winning team, your custom embroidery will give your company team the winning look. Ready for work, in the zone, and in demand. Take advantage of the different design types, colors and schemes to pick the right one that matches your brand. It’s a new era, indeed, in more ways than one. And as the founder used to say “Quality first, quantity will follow.”