Everybody knows and admires Calvin Klein. Why? Because time and time again, they have defied earthly standards with designs and concepts that must be from the fashion gods. Another American home-grown classic, CK is the embodiment of hard work and a commitment to excellence. The global icon has a wide range of items from clothes to fragrances that have won numerous awards the world over. Award winning clothes for an award-winning company; sounds like a match made in St. Croix10 heaven.

If you were looking for something average, look away. CK shirts define class with fine cotton long sleeve shirts. You can also get custom embroidered non-iron shirts for the easy-going lifestyle. Shop men and women’s apparel as part of your company wear, or as gift-items sure to surprise the recipient. What people most remember about Calvin Klein is their simple yet striking underwear ads, but your custom shirts will surely set you over the competition and your company co-branded with Calvin’s will certainly get tongues wagging.