From branded webcam covers to fidget spinners adorned with logos, it’s safe to say businesses have stepped up their game when it comes to trade shows and conferences.

But with all this innovation in company swag, it’s important to remember the basics: your branded apparel – specifically the shirts and accessories you and your team wear on the show floor.

While screen printed tees have their place, embroidered apparel offers a few distinct advantages to help make a good first impression.


Embroidered Apparel Creates a Professional Tone

Perhaps the most important quality of custom embroidered apparel is its ability to elevate your team’s professional appearance. Whether you’re looking for polos, button-downs, or zip-ups, you can add embroidery to many high-quality products from brands you trust such as Columbia and Calvin Klein.

Our customers tell us time and time again that their company apparel helps show team unity and strike up conversations with potential customers while they’re manning a booth or walking the floor at trade shows.


Custom Embroidery Lasts Longer

Embroidered apparel uses colored thread that is stitched onto a stable backing to create your company’s logo and tagline. Since the graphic is stitched into material instead of printed on it, embroidery holds up well against the regular wear and tear of clothing – including heavy wash and hot dry cycles in laundry machines.


Embroidered Apparel Offers Flexibility with Material and Color Options

Looking to put your forest green logo on an Under Armor beanie? No problem! How about a magenta and royal blue logo on a Patagonia vest? We’ve got the perfect solution.

When considering embroidered apparel, it’s important to note that color options are more limited than screen printing. That being said, we have hundreds of spools of thread in a rainbow of colors to match your company’s logo as close as possible.

In addition, we carry a variety of high-end apparel and accessories in many colors, so if you want to stand out in a lime green polo, we can make that happen. Or if you want to play it cool in a neutral gray, these button-downs are right up your alley.

When you’re in the market for company apparel, we’re here to help.

We’ve done the searching for you and have carefully selected the highest quality products from brands you know and trust. Plus, we guarantee a 10-day turnaround to ensure your products arrive in time for your next trade show or conference.

Browse our selection of polos, dress shirts, bags, and more options online.