If you’re looking for high-quality branded apparel for your organization, our TRUSTEES at St. CroiX10 are here to help.

After more than 35 years of partnering with groups of all sizes for custom apparel, we’ve listed the three most important questions to discuss with promotions vendors before placing an order.

1. What are the best apparel options for my purpose?

Companies order branded apparel for everything from company outings and trade shows to off-site meetings, daily office attire and even selling branded products in retail stores. Whatever the reason, there are a few common factors to take into consideration:

Fit: Men’s and women’s clothing have subtle differences in cuts to better fit team members comfortably. While unisex options are popular, if you want your team to truly love their company swag, consider providing options for both genders.

We’ve worked with our suppliers to offer men’s and women’s versions of nearly every product we sell, and we give you the flexibility to mix and match to best accommodate your team. Take a look. Our easy companion piece buttons link directly to the coordinating men’s and ladies’ style of the item.


Longevity: Whether you’re ordering apparel for an annual event or for everyday office attire, wearing branded apparel goes a long way to solidify company presence.

Since embroidery is stitched into fabric, embroidered apparel tends to be more durable than screen printing, making it ideal in ensuring your new products will hold up over the years.

Cost: Embroidered apparel has a high perceived value and appearance. But if you’re looking for a less expensive t-shirt, you may want to consider screenprinting instead.


2. How can I ensure quality?


If you’re looking for a professional high quality look, then embroidered apparel is your best option.

We know you don’t want to scroll through a hundred pages of products, so we’ve sifted through thousands of brands and styles to source the highest quality products and best sellers from companies you know and trust. The brands we offer are known for quality fabrics, attention to detail and trend-setting styles.


3. What will my company logo look like?


This is a question we get a lot – and one of our favorite ones to talk through with you. Rest assured your logo will be up to your standards before the full order is processed.

We’ve built in a quality assurance step of providing a digital proof so you can see exactly what your logo will look like embroidered. After placing the order, we’ll send you a digital proof showing the color, placement and size of your logo along with the sew out for approval.

As you can see, there’s more that goes into ordering company apparel than meets the eye. Fortunately, our team of TRUSTEES lives and breathes this business day in, day out, and we’re here to help you make the best decisions for your team.

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