St. CroiX10 is based in St. Paul, MN and has over 36 years experience in the decorated apparel industry. All of our services are produced in one facility in Minnesota including embroidery and art design as compared with many of our competitors who “contract” out those services. Because of this experience and efficiency, our customers “Trust” St. Croix10 with not only their Brand and the Brands we offer, but to guarantee that their order will ship in 10 business days.

Rather than offering every brand and style in our industry with 1000’s of pages to scroll through, we have carefully selected the most popular, highest quality and TRUSTED apparel brands and options to simplify the shopping experience!

Why St. CroiX10? Because the number 10 “Brands” us with not only the highest quality name brands you Trust, but also signifies a guaranteed 10 day turnaround reflecting a PERFECT 10 in customer satisfaction every time you order!!